Make decisions based on data, not  guesswork

We transform business goal into KPIs and turn data into actionable insights to optimize your website, digital products and campaigns.

Let the data guide you

Optimize your marketing strategies and your digital products thanks to reports and analysis. You won’t have to make decisions relying on guesswork alone. The data will tell you which path to follow. 

Optimize your digital experience

Starting from your raw data, get actionable insights to improve the usability of your digital product or your website. 

Build a user-centric business

Understand what really matters for your users, without bias or prejudice, and put them at the center of your digital strategy.

Data Strategy 

Design your ideal data stack and aligned it with your company's strategic and operational goals. 

We aim to transmit a data-driven culture by providing a solid strategic foundation that will guide companies through the process of data collection and analysis.


Data Insight & Optimization

Turn available data into actionable insights to optimize your product and digital strategy.

We help you to read and interpret your data in order to use it as a tool to answer any questions about your digital product and design your future strategy. 


Data Literacy

Tailored training to improve the approach to data within your company.

A customized training solution based on business needs, providing all teams with up-to-date theoretical knowledge and technical skills on the world of data.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get meaningful insight from large amounts of data?

Most companies have a lot of data available, but often they can’t exploit its true value. To sustain the growth of a business it is crucial to organize and connect data through specific infrastructures. This is the only way to get actionable insights and make better decisions. At Digital Pills we support companies in this process, merging strategic and digital skills with a deep knowledge of the principles of data engineering.

How can create a user-centric company culture?

By involving every stakeholder of the company in the fidelization process, concluding every conversation with one’s contacts, and focusing on customers’ satisfaction and loyalty until the company is really customer-centric. Digital Pills provides companies with programs, insights and ideas that help teams make decisions to improve the customer experience and to put users at the center of the decisional process of the company. 

What does Data Strategy mean?

Our data strategy service consists of strategic support aimed at thoroughly understanding the needs of different stakeholders and translating them into tracking system KPIs.

Let's work together

Take decisions based on data, not guesswork

We transform business goals into KPIs and turn data into actionable insights to optimize your site, your digital product and your campaigns.

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