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Challenge 1

Lines needed to improve the usability and navigation for website visitors. The pieces of content were hard to reach and consumer for visitors, who often had difficulties in finding the desired content. 


With the use of different types of quantitative (web analytics) and qualitative analysis (i.e. card sorting, tree testing, expert analysis) we have created a new data driven information architecture.
This new AI allowed the Lines team to:

  • Organize content effectively
  • Increase the ease of site navigation and content exploration
  • Create a user-friendly platform
Nuova struttura blog Lines


Design of a data-driven information structure

Wireframe menu design in desktop and mobile version

Attention to SEO and alignment with the team

Challenge 2

Lines needed to review editorial content to increase engagement and retention on the blog and to make improvements on the SEO aspect.


Following the design and implementation of the new structure of the editorial content we have obtained:

  • The valorization of the produced contents
  • Improved customer experience on the blog
  • Increase in the immediacy and enjoyment of the contents
  • Increased depth of visit (more pages per session)
  • Increased engagement and interaction with articles (comments, videos, links)
  • SEO Improvements
Nuovo aspetto blog Lines


New structure of blog pages

Wireframe data driven of the editorial pages

Insertion of Call to Action in the articles

Insertion of breadcrumbs and interactive elements 

“The insights provided by the analysis of Digital Pills have allowed us to redesign the UX of our site in a data driven perspective.”

Giulia Basso, Brand Manager @Fater

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