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Arduino is the leading open-source hardware and software company in the world. Born to provide an easy-to-use platform for anyone making interactive projects, Arduino has reached a growing community and adapted to new needs and challenges, branching out into products for IoT, wearables, 3D printing, and embedded environments. As of today, the Arduino community includes approximately 33 million active users.


Arduino was looking for a technology solution that would allow marketing and product teams to optimize their strategies.

In particular, the technology had to meet certain requirements:

  • Marketing automation: the marketing team needed a tool able to fuel marketing channels with more advanced and tailored audiences to optimize investments
  • Customization of communications: in order to communicate more effectively with users, the desire was to have a tool able to easily tailor messages according to user traits
  • Data Consolidation: they needed a platform able to reconcile user profiles within a centralized environment shared across the different teams for reporting.

They were also looking for a solution that would allow them to meet long-term needs, such as preparing for an environment able to facilitate the real time customization of their website for a better user experience. All of this is always in compliance with current privacy regulations.


Digital Pills supported Arduino marketing and product teams to choose, implement and fully adopt the most suitable Customer Data Platform in order to satisfy their urgent and long term needs.

The adoption of the CDP was crucial to bring data activation at the core of their digital strategy and optimisation processes, with efficiency and flexibility but also respect for user privacy.

The solution encompassed three key phases:

  • Strategy and Benchmarking: Arduino identified Segment as the optimal CDP solution through comprehensive benchmarking and strategic planning.
  • Implementation: This phase involved setting up and testing a robust 1st party data collection pipeline, implementing identity resolution mechanisms, and configuring data destinations.
  • Adoption and Data Activation: Post-implementation, efforts were dedicated to empowering teams in utilizing Segment autonomously for personalized communications, utilizing the Engage module, and integrating with online marketing tools for improved audience creation and conversion tracking.


Unified and centralized data

All the teams and stakeholders soon realized that Segment had become the tech tool they were looking for. This helped to facilitate control over data and speed up time to reporting, guaranteeing a better alignment among teams on the measurement of key indicators.

Optimization through activation

The adoption of the CDP helped to step up the activation part of data achieving a continuous and governed optimisation process of campaigns and communications.

1st party data valorization

The possibility of leveraging a robust 1st party data collection mechanism, stimulated Arduino to rethink their communication and content fruition strategies on their website in order to further enrich user profiles, while always putting the privacy of users at the center.


Data powered performance marketing

Data powered digital customer experience

Data enabled sales and support team

Digital Pills’ dedication, creativity, and meticulous attention to detail have not only met but exceeded our expectations, leaving an indelible mark on our team’s workflow.
Their professionalism and expertise significantly contributed to the growth and development of the team, fostering a commitment to building strong, positive client relationships that goes beyond the typical client-agency dynamic.
They literally became part of our team. 

Claudio Scafesi, Data Analytics Team Lead @Arduino


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