Gain control of your online business

We translate your business objectives into KPIs and we implement a reliable data monitoring and visualization system.

Monitor your online business

Keep track of the right data at all times, this way you can always have an overview of the state of health of your business.

Get value from your data

Collect and organize data coming from different data sets to transform them into a valuable asset helping you grow your business.

Visualize what matters

Visualize the most important KPIs and metrics to monitor your activity in a single place, and make decisions relying on solid foundations: your data.

Data Strategy

From business objectives into tracking KPIs

We introduce a data-driven culture into your company.
You will be supplied with a solid strategic foundation that will help guide the tracking implementation and data analysis.


Tracking Implementation

Exhaustive and reliable data to make data-informed strategic decisions

We implement a GDPR compliant tracking system for app and web platforms based on the needs of your company. In this way you can fully control the performance of your digital business.


Data Exploration & Monitoring 

A control panel for your online business

We design dashboards connected to different sources that allow you to visualize and monitor the fundamental KPIs and trends of the digital business in a consistent and proactive way.


Data Integration

Data coming from different sources into one integrated platform

We merge different data sources into a single dynamic data lake. In this way you can perform cross-platform analysis and gain a unified view of your business flows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to use accurate data?

Taking decisions based on incorrect or distorted data is like travelling with the map upside down. For this reason, we assure the integrity and the exactness of the harvested data, so we can guarantee that those who work with us are always moving in the right direction.

What does Data Strategy mean?

Our Data Strategy service strategically supports you and provides a full understanding of every stakeholder’s needs, transforming them into KPIs for the tracking system.
At Digital Pills we strive to introduce a data-driven culture in the companies we work with, providing solid strategic foundations that will guide the implementation of the tracking system, data collection and analysis.

How can I monitor the health of my online business?

Our Data Exploration & Monitoring service serves exactly this purpose. It consists of the creation of one or more customized dashboards connected to different data sources that automatically update and can be used as a control panel for the company. Thanks to this output, it is possible to easily monitor the business and to manage it in an efficient and data-driven manner.

Let's work together 

Gain control of your online business

Our Strategy & Data Control services:
- Data Strategy
- Tracking Implementation
- Data Integration
- Data Exploration & Monitoring

We translate your business objectives into KPIs, we implement a reliable monitoring and data integration system and we allow you to visualize the state of health of your company. 

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